Jukebox Hound (jukeboxhound) wrote in ff_yuri,
Jukebox Hound

fic: god put a song on my palm (ff7, tifa/aeris)

Originally posted here at the yuri_challenge on DW; I hadn't realized there was an LJ version.  Late to the party, damn it.

Title: god put a song on my palm
Author: jukeboxhound (formerly hadesphoenix)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG-13, no warnings.
Word Count: 1,850
Prompt: Tifa/Aeris, work-worn hands.
Note: Slight fusion with SPN, but you can just consider it a real-life AU instead. The "Jesse" here is the character from the beginning of the game.

There were odd calluses from the grip of a shotgun, a machete, an iron crowbar, because you never knew what a case would demand while hunting.
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